Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back Home

Last night, I came home from an awesome weekend, filled with the best friends, awesome food, lots of laughter, good wine, and oh, we played go too.

Some highlights:
  • The beautiful weather;
  • The walks;
  • The fantastic food;
  • The exciting games;
  • Survivor Go;
  • The joys of durians;
  • The midnight walk;
  • The camaraderie;
  • The aikido at the lake;

  • The simul which caused much weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth;
  • Hanging out with good friends, both old and new ones;
  • The fresh lychees;
  • Laying on the grass, gazing at the stars, enjoying the lake and the people around me;
  • The 1 am seven person rengo;
  • The trash talking;
  • Did I mention the food? ;
  • The late night sipping of good port and sharing stories;
  • The geocaching;
  • The picnic at the cemetery.

Everything about the weekend was excellent. More details to follow later, have to go lift some weights first.

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Anonymous said...

You're going to post all the humiliating details of what you learned the hard way, for our benefit, right?