Sunday, November 25, 2007

Puzzling Fuseki

Last night, I played some guest on kgs, and got totally lost in his fuseki. I still haven't figured out how I should have replied. This was the position. I am white.

The black formation at the bottom threw me. Opening theory says to approach an unfinished corner. But A seemed really bad with Black 7 in place. I pondered B, but that didn't seem much better. Maybe D to check an extension from his corner. I ended up playing C, mostly because I had no idea what else to do.

Looking back, maybe D was better, since the bottom is still so invadable. At least, in theory.

He pincered my approach stone, and I took sansan. We played out the usual joseki, although I felt that his Black 19 was slow, I expected him to play it at F17 instead.

My turn again, and yet again, hard decision. Looking back, I think I like A or B. I briefly considered C, and then I did what I do best. I panicked! Against better judgement, I jumped in at D, he pincered at F3 and things went downhill FAST from there. I won by making a lucky kill, but I feel that my troubles this game started when I played at D. So any opinions on this fuseki and how white should have played are very welcome.

If interested, the whole game can be found here.


Sorin Gherman said...

This is indeed a situation that's not encountered in Go books, so it's puzzling the first time one sees it.

The reason why it's not in Go books is because it's not popular among professionals, but it is quite popular among amateurs.

What Black wants is for White to invade so Black can start an attack right away.

White shouldn't be in any rush to enter on the lower side, though, while there are other large areas, so your idea to play around D now would be excellent, I think. Upper and right sides are also large.

When time comes for White to play on the lower side, A is a normal move, I wouldn't worry about playing it. Black will pincer, but White can handle herself.
B is not so good: after Black in san-san, White has no good extension.
There is another good point though in the lower-left for White to consider, besides A and B: playing directly in san-san. That's always an option against Black's 3x5, and I think I like it better than A in this case (Black will still pincer, by the way).


NannyOgg said...

Thank you, Sorin. Your reply confirmed what I suspected, and I am still annoyed at myself for falling into his trap. Oh well, I learned something ^^

Invasion at sansan under 5-3 is a good idea too. I will have to look up joseki for that, i don't really know them.

Next time someone tries this, I'll be prepared.