Saturday, April 07, 2007

The End Game

Today at go club, we yet again studied the end game. We went into swing value, move tally, miai counting, sente threats, temperature of the board, and much more. Makes me realize how much I still have to learn. Even although I know the basics of this, I usually do not take the time to actually calculate the miai values around the board and play my end game based on that. I kind of eye the different plays and wing it. There sure is room for improvement.

I will pay more attention to my end game and try to improve it at least a bit. The Magic of Go has some articles on the end game (156, 157, and 159, and 160)

So much to study, so little time.

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Ash said...

Honest Injun !-) I had NOT read your post and looked at the links PRIOR to writing my last post in my Blog...but those links were useful.
Perhaps I am telepathic :-)