Thursday, January 18, 2007

L Groups Revisited

Have been studying L groups and variations again. (L+1, L+2, hanes, etc) Learned some new things and re-learned some things I had known before, but which I still sometimes messed up.

This one still is my favorite shape, the resulting double ko is uber cool.


Sorin Gherman said...

I think I found a double ko - if black connects to the left of the invading stone.

O_Scientist said...

Right, that's one, and there is another one if B plays right of the invading stone. I knew the move you mentioned, minue showed me the other one. I hadn't seen that one before.


Sorin Gherman said...

Black at the right of the white stone is the first move I tried, but it doesn't look like a double ko, just a regular ko: white atari in 2x2... then what is black playing?