Thursday, December 01, 2005

Go Club

Yesterday was yet another good go club meeting. I am still getting one handi from the 5k, and won my second game in a row. Both games would be won too with 6.5 komi though, so I feel that I am at least 5k now. Two weeks ago, I gave 3H to an 8k for the very first time and won that game too. I am just going to enter as 5k in the go tournament this weekend and we'll see what happens.

After this game, I played an even game with our dan player. He found a lot of aji which I hadn't seen, good learning experience :)

I am still working on Get Strong at Attacking, this seems to be the exact thing I need right now. Of course, I still mess up my attacks, but at least I am attacking more now. I am a lot more aware of weak groups, and I work harder on separating groups, so they will have to fend for themselves. I am sure I might over-attack for a while, but that should be ok. I actually did over-attack yesterday in my game against the 5k, but still won, so can't be too upset about it. Especially since he replied to my attack, when it would have been bigger to just run away.

Tournament countdown: three more days!


Gilgamesh said...

Good luck! Earn that 5k!

thrashor said...

You have reminded me of my current ranking predicament. For about a year now I have been floundering around the 11 kyu zone on KGS and about 7 kyu in my local go club - I play substantially stronger in person. Then, at the annual tournament a couple of weeks ago, at the club's annual handicap tournament, the tournament director decided to enter me at 3 kyu saying that he "has a good sense for these things." As fate would have it, I defeated another 3 kyu in an even game. (Paranthetically, I was killed in the next game giving five stones to a 4 dan (see here).)

At subsequent club meetings, I have successfully defended a formal 5 kyu rating. Which raises the question, why am I still mired at an 11 kyu rating on KGS?